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my name is mohammad amin barahimi from Pasadena auto dealer inc.ALL dealer stop doing business with that lie dsc .any dealer have a business from 2010 to 2o12 with dsc. 1...dsc don't have a business leader license . ca law he canot do businees to ca...3...any dealer from 2010 to 2012 ,if dealer have a Arkansas /indiana Title  that is forge title..i pasadena auto dealer ,we have 48 Title is forge............we have a Lawsuit aganist to... Read more

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DSC, now Nextgear Capital, systematically makes it impossible to do business with the demands they put on the auto dealers. They are sneaky, fraudulent and have no integrity! Read more

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We've been clients of theirs for about 4 years. The service was outstanding when they had local offices. Although, the rep. that signed us up neglected to tell us several things about their fees or monthly audit fees. Our acct. was auto debited from the beginning the day payments were due. We start checking our invoices and find out that were are being charged $65 late payment fees because we weren't calling our payments in even though they are... Read more

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And not only that Dcs criminals But they must pay under outh it is my right to fight for justice and my money where are you ignoring me because you are scared to face the truth ....I have paid for what was floored but you guys broke the agreement to foor one ambulance and not only that, you have the odasty to claim and repo what I was paying for causing Me great damege oh that was not enough you have me in the cayo book ... I dont know what ... Read more

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After they agree to floor the unit wich cost near 1500 0 Then Suddenly The Change There Mind for no reasons Up until today im paying for there mistake I was never late any payment from my side but definitely they took my money and claimed All the cars back and on top they forced me to go out of business and it was not enough the put me in a kayo book even I disputed all the repo they stole my money and closed my business at that time god help... Read more

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We had a small carlot in Orlando Fl. We had decided to close the lot and not renew our license. We had 3 cars that were floor planned with DSC (Next Gear) and were in good standing with no curtailments due. We informed our rep. of our intentions. We had the cars at a local auction to run and to liquidate them. We had buy figures on the cars if they didn't bring enough at the sale. They would also have paid us a little profit. DSC seized... Read more

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Born crippled, never drawing one penny from our govt, A great customer of theirs since 2007, was just blindsided and reduced to nothing overnite by DSC and next gear their new name. We stubbed our toe once, but had the assets to pay them in thirty days, and offered them these assets to no avail. A lifetime of doing things right was just ended by these no name adequately fits them. A perfect credit history destroyed overnite. Our score hovers... Read more

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what happened was they make you promisses to only break them soon after. theres 114 complaints. i guess there would be more but if 114 complaints dont wake you up, than stay asleep. i have been in the automoblile business for over 20 years and never have i seen or heard of such shannagans by a company this size. i know many dealers and all have said that they wished that never got tied up with them.ive been told that the owner worked for a large... Read more

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Mike Kaul the owner of this company looks for telemarketers to sell his training program, but Mike has not held an employee since 2008 and only posts on free sites! Mike has it set up where nobody can see the signed contract but him, so he always claims there was no sales! The guy has an IP address that says he is in Arizona, meanwhile tells his employees different! This guy has never paid any of his workers and gives high paying figures for... Read more

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They are in the business of putting dealers out of business. Beware! Beware of their outrageous fees. I have had a really bad experience with this company taking payments out of your account without permission. Their representatives at times are unprofessional .The dsc turbo program is also another scam. I believe that there are other options available for a dealer other that them. Beware Beware Beware Beware Beware Beware Beware Beware Beware... Read more

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