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We have started interviewing attorneys for our class action against Dealer Services Corporation,

California Auto Dealers

Grissom Searches for Super Lawyers


We believe many of you have been damaged, and lead to believe that it was your fault, maybe, maybe not, but there are laws that protect you against many of the unfair business practices this company use to defraud you of your money and vehicles.

What many of you don't understand is there is a war between two major companies, with you standing in the middle in harms way.

Yes, each of these companies will bet you down in a court of law if you stand alone against them, without lots of money, there attorneys make this fight year after year for the past 20 years, slaying there victims, one by one.

If you do not provide the full or correct information about your case you may receive the wrong info about your case.

In some cases, government agencies appear to protect this Corporation if you don't have the right resources to follow up on each statement you receive from others. You may believe the wrong information about your case.

Trust no one, if you share your information with others, write a log on each person you talk to, if you can, look up everything at the law library, and use the computers to e mail all information to your e mail address.

If you cut and paste each item into your text box, you can then title each document so later you can find it, also use a Google e mail address if your e mail won't allow you to search for certain documents by title, example; title each document so it is easy to find later, "fraud" or "usurious" this will save you a lot of time.

Follow it up with a complete complaint about each detail you believe you have been harmed, remember that attorneys are just like you and I, we all look for the easy deal or in this case law suit.

So spend time reading our blogs we have provided you with ways to phase how you have been damaged, some words you will have to look up on Google, find law will help you understand the true meaning.

Start a binder with all of your "EXHIBITS" don't write on them, if you can scan them into your computer, in a folder titled exhibits, this will help you find them when we ask for them, its best to e mail each document to yourself, in case your computer hard drive crashes.

This is a guild to help you become organize, so you can focus on selling more cars it is not meant to be legal advice. We are not attorneys,

Our goal is to have you ready for the class action against Dealer Services Corporation.

If you have be damaged by Dealer Services Corporation and wish to join a class action against Dealer Services Corporation.

Call the man who made Dealer Services Corporation "GET A CALIFORNIA FINANCE LICENSE"

Michael Grissom @ 818 749-3288

If you need legal advice you should contract an attorney.

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They got me too.


It has to be done.

Your Right!

Thank you,

Michael Grissom 818 749-3288


David and Goliath - We all know how that turned out.

Good luck to all you Davids.

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