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If you are a Consumer and your vehicle has been repossed, by Dealer Services Corporation, contact Michael Grissom he is the man that, made Dealer Services Corporation, "GET A CALIFORNIA LENDERS LICENSE"...CALL 818 749-3288 "PLEASE NO BLOCKED CALLS"

Consumers fight illegal repossessions by Dealer Services Corporation and CarBiz user

Dealer Services Corporation Complaint

You were reading a complaint about Dealer Services Corporation.

Filing a new complaint about

Dealer Services Corporation repossessions may be illegal. CarBiz, Ren'T'Own and Dealer Services Corporation (DSC) are stealing from the American public!!!!

A woman in Ft. Worth Texas discovered rent-to-own vehicles are fraudulent loans. Polly says she "bought a car from Uptown Motors in Ft Worth, TX in February, 2008 and found out in October that Uptown Motors put the car registration in their own name. She says "In Texas that is against the law"..

Polly failed to read the fine print. She signed a Carbiz rent-to-own contract when she probably thought she was purchasing or leasing a car. That's the scam, Ren'T'Own is an auto thief's best friend.

Too bad this woman had not heard that CarBiz's partner Dealer Services Corporation (DSC) has made available $100 Million in capital for a fraudulent "New Leasing Program". Now Rent-to-Own will also be called Lease-to-Own. What's in a name? Try using "Grand Theft Auto" or "Stolen Vehicle" to more accurately describe these bogus loans.

John E. Fuller, president of DSC says "Ren'T'Own" gives dealers full ownership rights until the vehicle is paid for. They can separate a delinquent "renter" from his beloved car in a New York minute–no sticky consumer-protection laws to slow things down.

"If your payment is not in my office by the due date or the car back on my lot with the keys, I will report the vehicle stolen and you will suffer the consequences," DSC partner Northland touts in literature to car dealers. "These used car dealers - I love them," says John E. Fuller. What's not to love about partners in crime?

Well "pardner", let's just hold on a Texas minute before you think you can just steal cars because you're "the smartest guy in town". Crooks always believe they are smarter than the law. The truth is honest people don't spend each day in a "war room" plotting ways to take the public's money.

All this just might catch up to CarBiz and Dealer Services Corporation. Maybe there is jail cell you can "Ren'T'Own".

Oh, by the way, Dealer Services Corporation has paid over $80,000 to D.C. lobby firm BARNES & THORNBURG, LLP. According to The Center for Responsive Politics , DSC is lobbying Congress for legislation regarding the Rent-to-Own Industry.

William Lacy Clay (D-MO) introduced a bill aiding Rent-to-Own scammers. Check out House of Representative bill 1744 introduced on March 26, 2009. It says a lender can extend credit to a borrower but instead of calling it a loan, calls it "rent to own," they will avoid lending laws and regulations designed to protect consumers.

If you contact Mr. Grissom, Dealer Services will most likely pay your damages or return your title, all information may lead to more crimes against the company, State wide. in the past once Dealer Services Corporation learns that Grissom is on your case, now they want to settle with you. all information shall be forwarded to the proper legal department, don't wait call now 818 749-3288 or e mail We are working to keep Americans safe from Corporate Crimes...

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Steven Sean Smith

We hope our information has been helpful, to your quest against any persons that may have harmed you!!!

If you have any information that would help! The 2,400 California auto dealers many have lost everything,

You’re so right my tears are for those families that depended on dad to bring the bacon home. Our heart goes out for each person, family, employee, customer, that was, is, or will be, harmed by Dealer Services Corporation,

Steve, know that we all stand together in tears as we have been pushed in a sea of wrongdoers.

California Auto Dealers


Somebody get a hold of me!! 515-451-2267! :cry

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