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Coercive Monopoly Automotive Finance Corporation and Dealer Services Corporation

Automotive Finance Corporation (AFC) and Dealer Services Corporation (DSC) have an inter-agency agreement detailing their respective rights regarding the Uniform Commercial Code. This is called a coercive monopoly and it violates anti-trust laws.

AFC & DSC is a coercive monopoly that prohibits competitors from entering the field, with no opportunity to compete. Government intervention, with the aid of unscrupulous lawyers and the flogging of the Uniform Commercial Code, is the enabler. The courts have so far refused to look at the substance of these two businesses, and continue to be caught up in their rhetoric.

AFC was the leader in UCC1 filings under the helm of John Fuller. However, when Fuller departed AFC and opened DSC, the business similarities caused AFC to file a lawsuit. DSC's $25,000,000 counter-claim resulted in a secret unpublished contract resulting in the prohibition of competition. AFC's and DSC's agreement allowed each to take turns being the lead UCC1 bandit. Any businesses that dared to place vehicles as inventory for sale at their UCC1 branded car lots were targets.

For a coercive monopoly, competition is neither profitable nor possible. The stranglehold employed under the ruse of a UCC1 must be put to an end. A firm may use illegal or non-economic methods, such as extortion, to achieve and retain a coercive monopoly position. Some point out that monopolist may "employ violence" to create or maintain a coercive monopoly.

Many unwary businesses are destroyed by this anti-competitive behavior and, with no help from their government, left to die. However, some have refused to rollover, and like freedom fighters, have put up individual battles. The war is a long way from being over, but hopefully the aid of public servants entrusted to stop this madness is close at hand. Anti-trust action is immediately needed to resolve this coercive monopoly now.

Join the battle now!


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AFC is the dealer financing arm of Adesa Auto Auction. They provide easy Dealer floor plan credit at high rates so that dealers will buy more cars from Adesa.

AFC made a determination that Galaxy Motors was credit worthy - either through lax monitoring of Galaxy or stupidity they lost control of the account and therefore should be the losers.

The consumers did nothing wrong and will prevail in the end despite AFC's gymnastics with the titles.

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