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Attorney Benjamin Griffin of Prenovost, Normandin, Bergh & Dawe deceives another judge in Riverside. Griffin knows of the crimes committed by Dealer Services Corporation, yet continues to make a mockery of the legal system.

Hey Benjamin, if you want to be the patsy for the crime dogs at Dealer Services Corporation, then you might as well start making up some answers to these questions:

Benjamin Griffin – What is a California Lenders License?

Benjamin Griffin – What do you mean by Department of Corporations?

Benjamin Griffin – What do you mean by properly licensed in California?

Benjamin Griffin – Are you a puppet for Tom Normandin?

Benjamin Griffin – Are you sure the John Fuller is calling the shots for Dealer Services Corporation?

Benjamin Griffin – Who is Mike Hockett?

Benjamin Griffin – Is Mike Hockett the same person as David Michael Hockett?

Benjamin Griffin – Was attorney J. Lynn Boese suspended from the practice of law for a period of not less than one (1) year, beginning January 27, 1986 for involvement in a case with David Michael Hockett?

Benjamin Griffin – In 1987, did Michael Hockett and John Fuller capitalize the company that would become Automotive Finance Corporation (AFC)?

Benjamin Griffin - In 1996, did Michael Hockett partner ADESA with Minnesota Power, which ultimately paved the way for ADESA's expansion to its 63 current locations?

Benjamin Griffin - Why was Michael Hockett, the founder and CEO of ADESA, released in 1996 by ADESA?

Benjamin Griffin - Did Michael Hockett get $36,000,000 from ADESA?

Benjamin Griffin - Did John Fuller get $1,600,000 from ADESA?

Benjamin Griffin - Why did Mike Hockett get $33,000,000 more than John Fuller?

Benjamin Griffin – Was D. Michael Hockett aware that his son Michael D. Hockett hired exotic dancers to blackmail a Virginia councilman and was convicted of a felony in 2001?

Benjamin Griffin - In 2004, did Michael Hockett partner with John Fuller to form Dealer Services Corporation as Hockett bragged at the 2009 NAAA convention?

Benjamin Griffin – Is David Michael Hockett on Dealer Services Board of Directors?

Benjamin Griffin - Why did D. Michael Hockett conceal from the California Department of Corporations that he was a DSC board member?

Benjamin Griffin – Did Scott Hockett (son of Mike Hockett) of Fleetmax and Family Management Group, pay $25,000 to Republican State Central Committee on May 20, 2004 while he was under investigation for bank fraud by the FBI?

Benjamin Griffin – Why did Dealer Services Corporation state to the Department of Corporations on February 22, 2009 that David Nathan was no longer a director with DSC?

Benjamin Griffin – Why is David Nathan listed as a director of Dealer Services Corporation in Florida in April 2009?

Benjamin Griffin – Why would John Wick lie to the California Department of Corporations?

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Pasadena, California, United States #882183

Pasadena Auto Dealer has a pending lawsuit for 10 million dollars against Dealer Services Corporation. United we stand we need you help to take these crooks down forever NEXTGEAR, DSC, AFC.

We will fly you down to California to do a Deposition for our case that is going to trial Dec 1, 2014.

These crooks destroyed my dealership of 20 years and washed my titles in different states, floored my cash cars, fraudulently took possessions of my cars after I discovered the fraud and sold them at the auction under my own name.

This company illegally ACH’s 2 million dollars from my Bank of America Business Bank Account.

Please contact me to discuss this matter further 626 716 1597.

United We Stand … We Need Your Help ------ > Call Us 626 716 1597


Dealer Services Corporation Announces Consummation of $252.2 Million Asset-Backed Securities and New $290 Million Revolving Credit Facility


1. Unauthorized taking of vehicles located, registered and titled in California and depriving vehicle owners of their title by preparing counterfeit Indiana motor vehicle titles, in violation of California Vehicle Code § 10851(a).

2. Knowingly concealing material facts in documents filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles in violation California Vehicle Code § 20.

3. Falsely perfecting security interests in vehicles physically located in California in violation of California Vehicle Codes § 6300-6303.

4. Giving false information to a peace officer while in the performance of his duties under the provisions of the California Vehicle Code when such persons knew that the information was false, in violation California Vehicle Code § 31.

5. Dealer Services Corporation has provided direct lending to over 2,000 vehicle dealers in California without obtaining a California Lenders License in violation of Cal. Fin. Code § 22100 and charging interest and fees in violation of Article 15 of the California Constitution.

6. California Vehicle Code § 8804. Every person who, while a resident, as defined in Section 516, of this state, with respect to any vehicle owned by him and operated in this state, registers or renews the registration for the vehicle in a foreign jurisdiction, without the payment of appropriate fees and taxes to this state, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

7. Solicitation to commit forgery, see Penal Code § 653f.

8. Crimes against revenue and property of state, see Penal Code § 424 et seq

9. Offering forged instrument for recording, see Penal Code § 115.

10. Possession of instruments with intent to defraud, see Penal Code § 475 et seq.

11. 51 ALR 568, Genuine Making of Instrument for Purpose of Defrauding as Constituting Forgery.

12. Vehicle Code § 4463. Forgery, alteration, counterfeit or falsification of registration, license plate, certificate, license, etc., or disabled person placard; penalties

a. (a) A person who, with intent to prejudice, damage, or defraud, commits any of the following acts is guilty of a felony and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for 16 months or two or three years, or by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year:

(1) Alters, forges, counterfeits, or falsifies a certificate of ownership, registration card, certificate, license, license plate, device issued pursuant to Section 4853, special plate, or permit provided for by this code or a comparable certificate of ownership, registration card, certificate, license, license plate, device comparable to that issued pursuant to Section 4853, special plate, or permit provided for by any foreign jurisdiction, or alters, forges, counterfeits, or falsifies the document, device, or plate with intent to represent it as issued by the department, or alters, forges, counterfeits, or falsifies with fraudulent intent an endorsement of transfer on a certificate of ownership or other document evidencing ownership, or with fraudulent intent displays or causes or permits to be displayed or have in his or her possession a blank, incomplete, canceled, suspended, revoked, altered, forged, counterfeit, or false certificate of ownership, registration card, certificate, license, license plate, device issued pursuant to Section 4853, special plate, or permit.

(2) Utters, publishes, passes, or attempts to pass, as true and genuine, a false, altered, forged, or counterfeited matter listed in paragraph (1) knowing it to be false, altered, forged, or counterfeited.


TCR Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dealer Services Corporation, the company that took over CarBiz accounts.

TCR opened January 2010 which is the same time DSC pulled the plug on CarBiz. Eric Hurst, Vice President and General Manager of TCR Solutions LLC states TCR will be servicing Auto Loan/lease accounts.

Eric Hurst Bio claims: “I was promoted to start this wholly owned subsidiary of DSC. Specialty in consumer loan servicing in 25 states. We also provide re-marketing services to our client base to expedite liquidation and venue maximization”.

Dealer Services Corporation is going to do for CarBiz customers what they have done to car dealers across the nation. Take their cars and then take them to Court.

CarBiz folded when they defaulted on the 40% interest loan that DSC so graciously gave them. In February 2010, CarBiz closed its doors and was out of business and soon filed for bankruptcy.

Only last year CEO John Fuller of DSC touted, "DSC is excited about working with and funding CARBIZ". Then they took their accounts receivables.

TCR Solutions LLC will most likely be doing a job on CarBiz customers.



Throughout history we have witnessed and learned of many organized criminal groups and gangs that take over a city like an infection. During prohibition gangsters established a network of speakeasies and gambling parlors, to meet the needs of the infected patrons as well as the criminal underbelly element of society. As business and times progressed, crime fighting became more advanced, and in lock step, the criminals found new ways to profit from honest businesses and the innocent bystanders trying to survive. Gangs and crime families still inhabit the streets, and though we seem more evolved, these gangs continue as bottom feeders, undermining our justice system. Los Angeles has been a hot bed and infection ridden Petri dish of criminal activity and there are gangs superimposed in each suburb sprawl that L.A. has to offer. This has never been truer than for the SPRING STREET GANG.

The mean and unforgiving Spring Street Gang stays well hidden and disguised within the suits and judiciary robes of the blind justice system. Each tower and glass enclosed skyscraper serves as headquarters for the good, the bad, and the Spring Street Gang. Each player takes on two personas, like a chameleon coin with two sides, depending on how you flip it you might end up with a dream or nightmare attorney whose goal it is to profit, create misery, cause injustice, hide truth, dim the light on what’s right, and blind society with the lure of gold. Our anti-hero comfortably plays the role of doting mother, nurturing advocate with a small dose of flirt; her true side reveals a cunning cutthroat, dishonest diva, and hypnotic vamp; she goes by the name BB Wolfe.

BB Wolfe, the manipulative arm of Spring Street gang, sets her site on our hero. He is an everyday man. You often see his reflection when you look in the mirror, or see a man mowing his lawn. BB Wolfe spins her web to influence the court to rule her way, all the while she calls you friend. The clean tall skyscrapers are a façade in which this charade is played, the bottom feeding players’ move unnoticed through the city using the tunnels which avoid the light of day. The sun would illuminate the truth, so this gang artfully makes their moves underground, protected from the light. She puts on her Prada sunglasses, to shield her lying eyes and she drives to your home, invites herself in, presenting a home baked goodie too delicious to resist.

Who could resist this doting mother who hypnotizes you with insincere photos of her pretend twins, she coos while waxing on about how you and she are so similar. At her departure you wave to her disappearing silhouette. Weeks later you receive a shattering letter that contains her true message, with lies between the lines. Her summary is a mockery of your meeting. What she says she hears, and what she understands is completely opposite the words you shared just weeks ago. BB Wolfe’s other side shows clearly and darkly, and if by opening it you admit to everything she accounts, and now you are destined into thinking you had it all wrong, that the bad guys are good guys, and you are in hot water, and instead of a life preserver she turns up the heat.


wow! i worked for these crooks for about ten years mr hockeet always claims toknow of no wrongdoings ya,right.

i was there when dsc was formed its just another shell co. for hockett believe me hes calling the shots.


The son of Adesa Inc. co-founder Michael Hockett agreed to plead guilty Monday to federal bank fraud.

B. Scott Hockett, 45, faces maximum penalties of 30 years in prison and a fine of $1 million. A sentencing date has not been set.

According to the charges, Scott committed the alleged fraud during a three-year period ending in 2006 while owner of Indianapolis-based Family Management Corp. The company was a wholesaler of used vehicles that operated as Fleetmax.

Adesa is an auto auction company based in Carmel that Scott's father sold in 1995. The elder Hockett later founded Indianapolis-based Auction Broadcasting Corp., in 2000.

The federal charges allege that the younger Hockett fraudulently diverted funds from lines of credit to buy stock and hid the diversion from the banks by falsifying reports he filed with them.

The falsified reports showed that Fleetmax had more assets to secure the credit than were available, according to the charges. Fifth Third Bank and the former National City Bank issued the credit.

At one point, the reports showed Fleetmax had about $12 million in assets, when it fact it only had $750,000 available, according to the charges.

The banks lost a total of about $2.4 million as a result of the alleged fraud.

This is not the first time one of Michael's six sons has run afoul of the law.

In 2001, Michael D. Hockett was sentenced for bribery in a federal court in Virginia. He served five months in jail, 150 days of home detention and was ordered to pay a $20,000 fine.

The junior Michael was one of three men implicated in a bizarre plot to blackmail a Suffolk City, Va., councilor into dropping his opposition to a zoning issue. The rezoning would have allowed Michael to relocate his auto auction business from Chesapeake to Suffolk.

The scheme involved an attempt to get photos of the councilor with an exotic dancer who showed up at his insurance office. The plot unraveled when the councilor threw the woman out.

In another case involving the Hocket family, the wife of Michael Hockett in 1997 agreed to pay $60,600 to settle Securities and Exchange Commission charges that she tipped off her brother before Minnesota Power & Light bought 80 percent of Adesa for $162 million. By trading on the information, the brother made $25,500 in illegal profits, the SEC said.


Do you mean David Nathan Roberts?

I believe he is listed as a Director of Dealer Services Corporation in a number of states.

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