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On or about August 30, 2006 American Family Auto received a congratulatory

letter from DSC (dated August 29, 2006) for a $200,000 line of credit. Unbeknownst to AFA, this

same day defendant DSC started accepting titles against AFA Flooring Finance Credit Line

without approval or consent of Michael Grissom/AFA. DSC continued to maliciously and

carelessly accept titles from defendants Mr. King, Bosch Auto Group and Mark White of Dial

Finance. As to keep Mr. Grissom ignorant of the defendants' misuse of AFA's Flooring Finance,

DSC paid legal tender directly to defendants Bosch and Dial Finance converting funds drawn on

AFA credit line. This action was against DSC's own "Term Sheet" and signed contract.

38. Within two (2) calendar days plaintiff Michael Grissom (AFA) owed DSC

approximately $133,183 not including interest and Floor plan fees due to DSC's reckless and

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