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Grissom The man that made Dealer Services Corporation,

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Michael Grissom dba AMERICAN FAMILY AUTO is now in Pro Per... and has one thing on his mine, Jail time for all that prey on the small businessman...John Wick, John Fuller, Tom Normandin, have one thing in common. Michael Grissom has been Damage by criminal acts by Dealer Services Corporation, Usury, false reports to DMV for fraud, and now their Attorney's Ben Griffin, Tom Normandin, have step in the ring for a free for all against Grissom. Let's check in with Tom's magic.

Attorney Tom Normandin's motives for Grissom's deposition were disclosed immediately. Grissom was there to attend Alfred King's deposition, as Grissom's was not scheduled until the next day, December 8, 2010.

Tom Normandin had ordered the receptionist to not allow Grissom to take the elevator to the law offices of Prenovost, Normandin, Bergh & Dawe and to remain in building in the lobby. Attorney Normandin appears with DSC counsel John Wick and defendant Carlos Bosch. Attorney Rick Gaxiola was also present, but his client, Alfred King was missing. Normandin makes an announcement that we will wait ten more minutes for King to appear at his deposition.

Alfred King's attorney Rick Gaxiola sat motionless, not even concerned enough to telephone his own client. However, there was no need to make the call as Normandin and Gaxiola both knew King would not show. This deception, contempious in any court, was to catch Grissom off-guard in order to perpetuate a fraud.

Normandin asks Grissom if he could be deposed in place of King. Grissom states "Tom, I am not prepared for this today. I am here to listen to Al King's deposition." Grissom explains again that he had not brought any documents and was only there to listen to Alfred King's deposition.

Normandin said that it would be a tremendous cost savings if Grissom would agree to being deposed a day early. Normandin claims that we want to "hear about your problems with DSC" and will not discuss documents. Grissom is led to believe that this might be a sign of good faith on DSC's part.

Grissom was now in a room, unrepresented by counsel, facing three attorneys. He was shocked by one of the first questions from Normandin's mouth "Have you brought documents that are responsive to these requests…?" Only minutes earlier, Normandin pledged not to ask about documents that were not due to be produced for another twenty-four hours.

Grissom's thoughts went immediately to all the lies Tom Normandin and Benjamin Griffin had already told, misleading this Court that DSC was a long standing honest business, properly licensed to do business in California. The truth was DSC had only started business twelve months earlier, lied about having a lenders license, filed false and fraudulent documents to obtain a lenders license, all the while their attorneys obstructed justice at their pleasure.

In an utterly disgusting show of their criminal behavior, DSC's attorney they went so far as to instruct Alfred King to give false testimony at his deposition. Normandin arrogantly tells this Court that Alfred King's testimony of a partnership with Grissom is now the truth, as opposed to the truth that King stated in his Demurrer to Grissom's Amended Complaint on November 28, 2007 "Once Plaintiff took possession of the vehicles from the wholesaler, he no longer "owned" the funds under the credit line. The funds were then held in trust by DSC for the benefit of the wholesaler

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