The DSC attack dogs are waiting for you. If you are an unsuspecting small car dealer, be warned that the big bad wolf DSC attaches a UCC1 filing to your business to allow them to become thieves in the night and take your cars.

When DSC was the new kid on the block, they conspired with Automotive Finance Corporation (AFC) in a secret unpublished agreement that allowed each one to be the lead UCC1 bandit.

To avoid confusion, DSC and AFC hired the same law firms to do their dastardly deeds. It is no coincidence that DSC and AFC share MORRISON-FOERSTER and PRENOVOST, NORMANDIN, BERGH & DAWE. From where I come from, when two of the largest businesses in their industry conspire, it is called a monopoly.

Welcome to their world and take a walk on the dark side.

In the World of DSC

In the real world, when you take someone else's property it is called conversion/theft, in DSC's world they call it a UCC1 filing.

In the real world, when a finance company signs a secret agreement with their multimillion dollar competitor, it is called creating a monopoly; in DSC's world they call it a professional courtesy.

In the real world when a finance company charges >10% it is called usurious, in DSC's world they call it an everyday contract, one of 100,000 loans.

In the real world when a finance company operates without a license, it is called a felony; in DSC's

In the real world when a person lies under oath, it is called perjury; in DSC's world they call it testimony.

In the real world when a company pays $60,000 to become compliant it is called a penalty and admission of guilt; in DSC's world it is called an entrance fee paid to the Department of Corporation.

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I was a dealer in Texas until last year wehn I made the big mistake of signing with DSC. I have been in litigation with them here in Texas for the past 1 1/2 years.

The reason the filed on you in Indiana is becasue of the beating they were handed in a Ft. Worth , Tx court regarding venue. Now they try to hide behind the contract where you waived your rights to trial in your home state. however, as with any contract, it has venue in the state it was signed in.

But beware, DSC has gained great momentum and has been buying it's way into the business world the whole while using it's power to sweep the dirt under the rug. You can get the case sent to a Texas court but it will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. They bank on the fact you do not have it and will get a judgment against you which they will return to court here to file against you. They hide behind the personal guarantee you signed.

so if you wnat to really beat them, you can only go file chapter 13 and let them get in line. Other then that, you need to file a complaint with the attorny general. i was told if enough complaints come forward, they will investigate. So the bottom line is we all ban together.

They are the 800 pound gorrilla and will sleep where they please. We are the few but together they will be thrown from their bed. I can be reached at 940-383-8111. Please contact me I have tons of information that may help you.

There is also great momentum growing in California against DSC.

I have filed criminal charges against them in Arlington as well as Denton. the problem is I need more people to come froward to stop these crooks.


DSC is suing me in a Indiana court. What can I do?


The report above tells most of the storie, what about the Department of Corporations?, how employees promissed to send DSC application, to Mr. Grissom but fail to do so.

I think somethings is fishing here!

don't you.

Since the Department of Corporation drop his complaint gainst DSC and gave Dealer Services Corporation a California Finance License.. Hmmm?

California needs to get it together.

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