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DSC, now Nextgear Capital, systematically makes it impossible to do business with the demands they put on the auto dealers. They are sneaky, fraudulent and have no integrity!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Pasadena, California, United States #912681

any dealers have a title from Arkansas and Indiana All the titles forge ,from DSC ..

DSC filed forge document to the DMV To get counterfeit Titles .we have 48 forge title from DSC.

I have a Lawsuit against to DSC. and also DSC filed forge repossession to DMV to get counterfeit


we have a 48 forge repossession from DSC.....All my was cars payoff . if any dealers have

Arkansas/Indiana ,TITLE call to the DMV ,and call me for help, I will help you for document...

and also the DSC from 2010 to 2012 he don't have any business Liceines by CA law DSC cannot charge you interest ..and he cannot do business in CA, any dealers can get the maney back from DSC...

for help give me call 626-716-1597- WE HAVE document to proof to DSC don't have a Licesnces ... when I call and I mail to am the Litter to the DSC ,for fraud of Title /fraud of REPO /FRAUD OF Bank/...KAVIAN mailer from DSC came he to my business Kavin mailer from the he what to kill me

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