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Could this be an obstruction of justice by Dealer Services Corporation PERENVOST, NORMANDIN, BERGH, & DAWE a Professional Law firm in Santa Ana,California

Grissom offered National T.V Show "TAPING STARTS END OF SPETMEBER"...


Mr. Grissom state's just the facts: Mr. Benjamin Griffin counsel for Dealer Services Corporation submitted court documents of discovery to Mr. Grissom December 26, 2007 Question: within the past five years has any entity registered or licensed your business? If so, for each license or registration:

(a) Identify the license or registration:

(b) State the name of the public entity: and

(c) State the dates of issuance and expiration.

Under verification under perjury Claudia (Ponce) Rogers signed responses to GRISSOM"S request for discovery and Mr. Benjamin Griffin submitted these untrue facts that were known to be untrue at the time Dealer Services Corporation submitted these statements.

Dealer Services Corporation is duly registered and licensed corporation in the State of California, holding corporation number C2750084. "GRISSOM SAYS NOT TRUE"

This is a true copy of the California of Secretary Results of search for "dealer services corporation "C2750084 5/27/2005 DEALER SERVICES CORPORATION, WHICH WILL DO BUSINESS IN CALIFORNIA AS DISCOVER DSC.

Dealer Services Corporation has made no attempt to use its legal name in the State of California, which is DISCOVER DSC. This Corporation has not acted in good faith and has cause Mr. Grissom thousand of dollars in attorney fees, GRISSOM believes the court should allow Dealer Services 14 days to cure the defect, so that the Corporation can apply for a correction to its name.

Dealer Services Corporation is the only name that appears on the contract submitted by Dealer Services Corporation, to Riverside court in February 2008 after the court order both parties to bring a copy of the entire contract to court, it was at this time GRISSOM discovered he was never given all pages to the contract, and now alleges Dealer Services Corporation intentionally withheld the other pages deceiving GRISSOM.

The court ask Mr. Griffin why a complete copy had not be submitted since Dealer Services Corporation had objected to the contract not being complete with all pages, was this intentionally obstruction of justice by Mr. Griffin and Dealer Services Corporation.

Mr. Grissom is now aware of perjury, misrepresentation, of verify statements by Claudia Ponce Rogers DSC was further instructed, by Department of Corporation (DOC) May 29 2008 to remove the name of DSC, and apply applicant's legal name as indicated in the Articles of Incorporation." DISCOVER DSC,

"Please change the name of the Company, or Licensee, to DISCOVER DSC, and resubmit this form with you response".

However this may become impossible for Dealer Services Corporation to cure its name since California Secretary of State has already assigned this name to another party.

it appears Mr. Grissom may now go after others with a new law suit. coming soon!!!

Call Mr. Grissom 818 749 3288 if you have been damaged by any parties mention above

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State leaves car buyers stranded in title dispute

Monday, September 21, 2009


Arkansas motor vehicle officials allowed a finance company to take title to cars already purchased by New Jersey residents -- making it impossible for the owners of those cars to drive them legally.

So good to have a friend in Arkansas, if you're a big finance company.

By contrast, New Jersey motor vehicle officials say they won't dispute those titles, leaving state residents in an expensive limbo where they must pay off loans for cars they can't drive or start lawsuits that could cost them thousands and still result in failure.

Not so good when New Jersey won't fight for its own people.

"We can feel personally outraged, but there is nothing we can do," says Sandy Grossman, a representative of the state Division of Motor Vehicles. "It's probably a criminal matter, and we don't have law enforcement authority."

No, but the state does have the authority to grant title to cars located in New Jersey, owned by New Jersey residents -- cars that never left the state of New Jersey once they arrived here still reeking of that new car smell. It can reject doubtful claims in Arkansas and let corporations with high-priced lawyers already on retainer, instead of working-class people, fight it out in court.

"I just got my legal bill," says Linda Brennan of Rahway, a victim of what appears to be a combination of business failure, corporate selfishness and government ineptitude. "It's nearly $2,000 -- how am I supposed to pay for it?"

She still hasn't received title to her car -- and still must pay the loan she took out to pay for it.

Like 40 or 50 others, she bought a car from Galaxy Motors in Rahway some time between May and July. Galaxy went belly up and closed before it delivered title to the buyers, many of whom arranged with the lot's owner, Patrick Dunn, to borrow money from PNC Financial Services so he could get paid for the cars.

Dunn was able to put the cars on his lot because of money borrowed from Indiana-based Automotive Finance Corporation (AFC), which has offices in Manville. Dunn, however, didn't pay AFC before closing shop or before the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission suspended his license. His lawyer, John McDonald of Somerville, has said his client is not available for comment.

Instead of going after Dunn for the money he owed them, AFC officials took title to the cars -- even though they already were purchased months earlier in New Jersey -- by filing what are called "affidavits of repossession" in, of all places, Arkansas.

Roger Duren, the Arkansas motor vehicle director, said representatives of an AFC office in his state filed the affidavits claiming possession of the cars.

"I assume that means physical possession," says Duren, who admitted he was surprised to learn the cars are sitting unusable in New Jersey driveways.

Duren says there is nothing he can do, even though his agency's actions blocked the rightful claims of New Jersey owners. He can't declare the titles invalid despite his belief AFC had physical possession of the cars when it filed those affidavits.

"I'd need a court order for that," he says.

Funny, that's what Ed Alvarado of South Plainfield was told, too. He bought a car from Galaxy that was financed by AFC and, like others, he got a loan from PNC.

"I was told by PNC I should get a court order and get title from AFC," he says.

Sure, after he paid for a car, after he took out a loan with lots of interest, and after he paid for insurance, (some also paid Dunn nearly $1,000 for a "warranty"). Now corporations with gaggles of lawyers are advising customers to file expensive lawsuits.

The victims are victimized again.

"It looks like all these big corporations were all involved in some sort of scam -- at least they're just taking care of themselves and won't help the little people who were the real victims,'' says Noreen Popinko of Washington, who signed for a PNC loan so her pregnant daughter Jacqueline could buy a car from Galaxy.

"Rich people don't buy cars from places like Galaxy,'' says Popinko.

AFC isn't commenting, despite calls to offices in New Jersey and Indiana. PNC isn't saying much. Fred Solomon, PNC's vice president for corporate communications, says, "PNC is working with the relevant state agency on a potential solution."

And still demanding loan payments from people who can't drive their cars.

The Union County Prosecutor's Office started an investigation weeks ago, says a spokesman, and it wants victims to contact its detectives. But there's no indication the prosecutor is helping people like Brennan, Popinko, Alavardo and the others get title so they can drive their cars.

"Why are people who can least afford it losing the most money?" Linda Brennan wants to know.

Bob Braun may be reached at (973) 392-4281 or

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