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Dealer Services Corporation – Who's Your Sister?

Sister-State Judgments filed against California Car Dealers by DSC

DSC has obtained judgments in an Indiana Superior Court against Californian residents even though the contracts were signed and performed in California.

Marion County Superior Court (Case # 49D05-0803-CC-010515) entered a default judgment in the amount of $334,221 against Citrus Heights, CA dealer Discount Auto Sales, Inc.

Judge Gary L. Miller, sole judge of the Marion Superior Court D05, ruled DSC proved their case for breach of guaranty even though DSC was unlicensed as a Finance Lender in California.

DSC filed an Application for Entry of Judgment on Sister-State Judgment in California Superior Court, Sacramento on 11-26-2008 (Case No. 34-2008-00028449-CU-PT-GDS).

LANG, RICHERT & PATCH represent DSC in this action PLUS another Sister-State filing in California Superior Court, County of Orange that was filed 9-6-2009 for DSC.

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Sounds like mobster.


Bernie Madoff is that you?

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