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Claudia lied filing Department of Motor Vehicles complaint against Grissom she told DMV, DSC had not received any payments thus far.

DMV Officers stated the following:

Q Okay. And then it says dealer retailed the

unit. Did your investigation reveal that Mr. Grissom

had retailed units that DSC had paid the source on?

A Yes.

Q And it says thus far, no payment has been made

defrauding both DSC and the retail consumer.

What was your understanding at the time of

what she was saying in that sentence?

A That they didn't receive any money at all.

Q And would that have been, in your mind, in

your understanding, have been a crime?

A Yes, at that point, yes.

Q So is it your understanding that if -- if a

dealer doesn't pay anything back to a lender, then that

is a crime as opposed to a dealer that pays something

back, which is not a crime?

A Yes.

Q Okay. And does that relate in your training

to proof of intent?

A Yes.

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Did you read your power of Attorney with DSC?

You should have your attorney go over line by line.

Is DSC the agency?

A relationship is not one of agency within the common-law definition unless the agent consents to act on behalf of the principal, and the principal has the right throughout the duration of the relationship to control the agent's acts.

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