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76 Cal. App. 4th 970,

Appeal Decision on W.A. Rose V. Municipal Court (1959) 176 Cal.App. 2d 67

Plaintiff appeals the decision of the lower court to award Rosa Macias the sum of $20,000 for attorney fees, Plaintiff claims that the court was without jurisdiction denying Plaintiff the default judgment for the untimely filing third demurer in the third amended complaint. furthermore DSC Contract has many problems,such as the Power of Attorney.Among other issue that this Corporation claims that they can do outside the court of law.

California law dose not support

DSC misconduct that brings the unclean hands doctrine into play relate directly to the false DMV report alleging that Grissom defrauded DSC, and American Family Auto customers. Furthermore, DSC used the DMV to collect it unlicensed lending actives, extorting money from Grissom and American Family Autos contracted customers. The relationship between American Family and its customers, were contractually and binding by California law, the very subject matter involved affect the equitable relations between the litigants." direct injuries affected Grissom, his family, and American Family Auto, equitable relations, a direct relationship between AFA and its customers. Grissom contents that 37 signed perjured complaints filed with DMV meet the three prong test requirements. as a matter of California law, does not support perjured statements by DSC, can not be precluded as a means for

DSC baseless and malicious infringement on Grissom's constitutional right Article 1 SECTION 6. Right to work.--The right of persons to work shall not be denied. The misconduct in the original complaint DSC permitted Grissom and the court to believe that DSC did not need a lender's licenses, Grissom contents That its alleged unclean hands conducts illegal and improper marketing practices directed at DSC scheme to violate Public policies, to avoid State finance laws.

The Man that stop DSC from unlicensed lending.

Michael Grissom

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