We've been clients of theirs for about 4 years. The service was outstanding when they had local offices.

Although, the rep. that signed us up neglected to tell us several things about their fees or monthly audit fees. Our acct. was auto debited from the beginning the day payments were due.

We start checking our invoices and find out that were are being charged $65 late payment fees because we weren't calling our payments in even though they are auto debited. They owe us over $2000 in late payment fees. We use to get titles mailed over night...now they just forget to send them. Asked for and promised a increase in our line over three years ago.

We have been stone walled even though we are perfect pay. Constant promises with no resolutions. We've even called regional supervisors that made great promises with no responses to date. The customer service use to be spot on.

The customer service absolutely sucks now!! All of our account information was online. When they were bought out the sight went down and we can't see any of our information.

We don't even know what is due or when it is due! Don't use this company, they completely suck now!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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