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Victim Struggles To Survive

Bottom feeders fed off victims, aiding predator to seek new flesh.


PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 13, 2010 – Michael Grissom was being torn to shreds. As he fought for his life, he witnessed other victims caught in the frenzy of this ravenous beast. Causalities were strewn coast to coast, as bottom feeders aided this shark to feed on the flesh of the unwary.

The shark that tore into Grissom and others was a special breed that was cultivated in a "war room". This predator was a Loan Shark, scourge of the savvy less borrower. A loan shark endeavors to make their clientele obligatory annuities.

Dealer Services Corporation made so called "flooring lines" of credit to used car dealers. In reality they were individual loans, secured by vehicles the dealers bought at an auction. The truth in lending laws does not apply when you make loans to, as DSC claims, "sophisticated" borrowers. No disclosures of the true interest rates being charged to these small business owners were necessary.

Although still wounded, Grissom has continued to battle DSC. Grissom hopes that his struggles will allow other victims to ask for help from their state and federal representatives.

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National City, California, United States #254197

Texas Cowboy

I hope the FBI put these crooks were they belong.

National City, California, United States #235859

Do you work for DSC?

Would you like to clear your name from any wrongdoing? Call 818 749 3288


Today Ben Griffin......

struggles to set the PREDATOR free.

DSC says, they are not suggesting any derogation of any Constitutional Rights. DSC is merely requesting a 1 week discovery continuance to ensure more delays to avoid Judgement Day says Grissom.

If you have had dealings with this shark in the State of California, and need assistance Call Michael Grissom @ 818 749 3288.

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